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    Bhavik P

    (Selected Universities:- IIIT and BITS, Hyderabad)

    SAT Physics:- 760
    SAT Mathematics:-742
    Chemistry  :- 790

    Bhavik got admitted into BITS, Hyderabad. In his own words, “I had a dream to study Mechanical 
    engineer which has been fulfilled by EduTechEx. Thank you for their exceptional training and services.”

    2016-2017 batch

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    Manasa V

    (Selected Universities :- UC, Los Angeles)

    SAT Physics:- 800
    SAT Biology:- 790

    Manasa got admitted into UCLA for doing a Medical 
    degree. In her own words, “ The training I received 
    at EduTechEx for SAT General and SAT EduTechEx 
    is excellent which helped me to get into UCLA. 
    Thank you EduTechEx.”

    2016-2017 Batch

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    Gowtham A

    (Selected Universities :- UC Davis and San Diego)

    SAT General:- 1490
    SAT Physics:- 780
    SAT Mathematics:- 760

    Gowtham got admitted into UC Davis. In his own 
    words, “Thank you EduTechEx for helping me 
    during the preparation for SAT General and 
    SAT Subject. Your teaching, training and 

    2017-2018 Batch
    educational counseling was excellent 
    which helped me to achieve my dreams.

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    Vaishnavi M

    (Selected Universities :- UC, Irvine and BITS, Hyderabad)

    SAT Mathematics - 800 
    SAT Physics     - 790 
    SAT Chemistry   - 800

    Vaishanvi got selected in University of California, 
    Irvine and BITS, Hyderabad for doing Computer 
    Science. In her own words, “EduTechEx has helped 
    me to get in UC Irvine. I am very grateful to 
    the management and faculty of EduTechEx ”

    2017-2018 Batch

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    Bharath S

    (Selected Universities :- University of Florida (Gainesville), IIIT Hyderabad, BITS Hyderabad)

    SAT Mathematics - 800
    SAT Physics - 800
    SAT Chemistry - 800

    Bharath got admitted into University of Florida for 
    Computer Science degree with scholarship.In his 
    own words, “Thank you so much to the faculty at 
    EduTechEx for their excellent training and teaching 
    services. It helped me a lot in understanding the 
    concepts and achieve a good score in 
    SAT General and SAT subject tests. ”


    2016-2017 Batch

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    Rohan Chowdary

    (Selected Universities:- IIIT Hyderabad 2020)

    SAT Mathematics - 800
    SAT Physics - 800
    SAT Chemistry - 800

    Rohan Chowdary has secured a complete score in Subject SAT in 2019. Currently, he got selected in IIIT Hyderabad. In his own words, " Aditya Sir has helped me a lot in securing the perfect score. I recommend EduTechEx Global to achieve greater success."

    2018-2020 Batch

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    Suyash Nagumalli

    (Selected Universities :- UIUC, UCLA, IIIT & BITS Hyderabad)

    SAT Physics:- 800/800
    SAT Mathematics:-800/800
    SATChemistry  :- 800/800
    SAT General :- 1500/1600

    Suyash got admitted into UIUC Urbana Champaign in Computer Science group. " I am happy to be selected at UIUC. All the hardwork done by me is fullfilled. Thank you EduTechEx Global".

    2018-2020 Batch