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University Placements Program

Are you planning to do a Master’s degree at a university abroad (e.g., in the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe or elsewhere in the world)? EduTechEx offers a complete and tailor-made coaching and support service for your Masters applications in the best international universities and colleges. We offer expert support of your Masters application documents is adapted to your needs and your profile and includes services such as Assistance in the selection of master’s programs in universities, Development of an admissions strategy and timeline, Accompaniment in writing the personal statement or motivation questions, Proofreading and editing of your CV / resume in terms of both content and form, Help writing and translating letters of recommendation. The program is intended for students in the final year of their Bachelor’s program or who have finished their Bachelors program and aspiring to study at the prestigious universities abroad.  

Our Pricing and Program Features

STANDARD ( 20% Discount )

University Placement Program

₹ 70,000

₹ 56,000

Profile Building and Admission Planning

SOPs, LOR Assistance

Scholarship and Financial Assistance

University Shortlisting based on Career Interests

Post Admission Support

Counselling by Sr. Counselors

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