Student Testimonials

What is integrated SAT/IB?

This is a special program exclusively designed by ‘EduTechEx’ to cater the needs of IBDP students aspiring to appear in SAT exam. In our ‘Integrated SAT’ program, we train the students for SAT exam together with revision courses and subject learning in IB diploma. We strongly believe this program will be suited for students who wants to prepare for both SAT and IB diploma at one place.

How EduTechEx will help students achieve a perfect score in SAT and also be successful in IB coursework ?

Students enrolled in the integrated SAT/IB  program designed by ‘EduTechEx’ would be able to take both the classes of SAT and IB diploma. Depending on the SAT exam dates, students can first finish off the SAT classes and later concentrate of their IB Diploma course work. The schedule of this program is flexible enough to suit the timings and requirements of students.

We will help students in the preparation process for both IB and SAT and create a individual plan and strategies to be successful in both the exams. We undoubtedly believe that our experience in teaching SAT and IB would be a great benefit for students enrolled in this program and we pay special attention to train the students to be competent and confident enough to be successful in both SAT and IBDP.  For more detailed information about the program, please get in touch with us.

Will the integrated SAT/IB program interfere with the student school activities ?

No it will not interfere with the student’s school activities, In fact this will improve your child’s performance in the school and increase their confidence levels in the taking the competitive exams at international level. Our plan is based on individual requirements of the students which is more flexible and helps the students to improve their ability to do well in the IBDP assessment and exams and in SAT.           


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