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What is Cambridge IGCSE ?

Cambridge IGCSE is the world's most popular qualification for 14 to 16 year olds. Cambridge Advanced is for learners aged 16 to 19 years who wants to prepare for university and higher education. The advanced curriculum of Cambridge IGCSE covering 60 subjects is taken by students in 125 different countries and is primarily focussed on preparing young students for university studies. Most universities around the world value and recognise Cambridge International AS & A level qualifications while admitting students into their bachelors programs.

How Cambridge IGCSE syllabus is designed ?

Cambridge IGCSE syllabus are international in outlook retaining the local relevance. There are over 70 subjects in the curriculum, among which the school decides to offer them in combinations. The subjects offered cover a wide range of spectrum which includes:

  • Creative and Professional
  • English language and Literature
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Languages
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences

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What are the different levels in advanced Cambridge IGCSE?

Cambridge international A level is typically a two year course and AS level is typically one year. Some subjects can be started as a Cambridge International AS Level and extended to a Cambridge International A Level. Thousands of students worldwide gain places at leading universities every year with Cambridge International AS & A Levels. The curriculum have been designed to develop a deep understanding of subjects and independent thinking skills.  

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What can students do after finishing Cambridge International AS & A Levels ?

Cambridge curriculum is a proven international curriculum for success in higher education. Cambridge International AS & A Levels qualifications are well recognized by universities around the world and students with cambridge qualifications are widely accepted into the bachelors programs of top universities in the US, UK, Europe, Canada and Australia etc.,

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What is the syllabus for A level and AS level in Mathematics Physics Chemistry and Biology?

Please follow the links below to know more about the syllabus of each subject

Mathematics (A & AS), Physics (A & AS), Chemistry (A & AS), Biology (A & AS)

How EduTechex will help students studying Cambridge IGCSE subjects and International AS & A Levels ?

At EduTechEx, we offer a broad spectrum of services to students studying in IGCSE curriculum. Our best trained faculty members are well prepared to offer excellent services to IGCSE subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. In addition we also offer intensive revision programs for IGCSE subjects focussing on difficult areas in each subject, with emphasis on preparing the student for exams and building up the confidence levels.

We follow a special approach to understand the unique needs of your child in IGCSE curriculum. Our excellent team of teachers will create a learning plan which will fit your child’s schedule. For more information, please get in touch with us.


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