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Innovative Assessment Portal of EduTechEx

Assessment is the key aspect of any learning. Holistically assessing the student's performance 
in the curriculum and competitive exams is pivotal to understand the student's strengths and 
weaknesses. We at EduTechEx, use our innovative assessment portal, EduTechEx Pariksha to monitor 
students' real-time performance in various exams relevant to the student's overall development. Some 
of the salient features of our assessment portal, EduTechEx Pariksha are:  

- Student Dashboard with Summary of Test and Ratings 
- Unlimited Practice and Mock Tests for various national and international exams 
- Student Performance Indicator at the macro and micro level 
- Curriculums Exams for CBSE, ICSE, Cambridge-IGCSE, IB, and State Board are covered 
- Competitive Exams such as IIT-NEET, NATA, CLAT, and more than fifty different aptitude tests 
- Live Exam Monitoring by Individual Counselors 
- In-depth assessment of Tests by EduTechEx Subject Matter Experts 
- Results communicated to Parents in Real-Time 
- One to One session with Teachers on understanding the score patterns 
- Additional training sessions suggested based on Test performance 
- Continuous monitoring of Students performance both in Board and Competitive Exams


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