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What is SAT Subject and how is it graded ?

SAT Subject Test provide an opportunity for high school students to showcase their knowledge and understanding  in individual subjects such as Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, Biology etc., Colleges in the US and around the world use SAT Subject test to a way to measure the students academic background and achievement in specific subject areas. In addition showing proficiency in the SAT subject test gives extra leverage for students in college while choosing their courses.  The subject tests are a great way to indicate your interest in a specific major or a program of study such as engineering, medicine, sciences, cultural studies etc.,

How many SAT Subject Tests are offered in general ?

SAT subject tests are offered in the following subjects:

  • Sciences (Physics or Chemistry, Biology - Ecological, Biology - Molecular)
  • Mathematics (Level 1 or Level 2)
  • English Literature
  • History
  • Languages

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How scores are given on SAT Subject Tests ?

The SAT subject test are scored on a scale of 200-800. Students earn points based on the number of questions they answer correctly, minus a fraction of the number of the questions that have answered incorrectly. Since no points are deducted for unanswered questions it is worthwhile to guess an answer if you could eliminate two or three of the given choices. A good SAT subject test score depends on the college you are intending to apply, some of the Ivy league colleges in the US would ask for very competent subject score of 750 or even higher.

How students can choose a relevant SAT Subject Test ?

The relevant SAT subject tests a student needs to take depends on the college he/she is applying for and also depends on the students career interest. Once the student has done research on the colleges they plan to apply and decided with their future course of study, it is important to check each schools requirement of the subject tests. For example, in one scenario the SAT Physics and Chemistry test is taken by the students who are intending to do undergraduate in engineering, physical science, and medical science, whereas the SAT Maths test is taken by the students who are planning to do undergraduate in engineering, physical and mathematical computational sciences.

How EduTechEx will help students achieve a perfect score in SAT Subject Test ?

The excellent faculty at EduTechEx has several years of experience in teaching Subject SAT. Our faculty are well qualified with masters and doctoral degrees in respective subjects and have passion for teaching the subject in a conceptual way. We prepare student specific plan which will help your child to achieve success in no time. We conduct mock tests for students in each SAT subject test to get good practice of the exam and help the students achieve a competent score with effective strategies and planning. Most of our students with combined good scores in SAT general and SAT subject test have secured scholarships in top universities in the US, UK and elsewhere in the world. To know more about SAT Subject based services offered by EduTechEx, please kindly contact us.


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