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Premium Services Program offered by EduTechEx for Ivy League University Admissions

EduTechEx Application Guidance

These are the primary areas of the Ivy League college application into which the university admission committee looks into while making an admission.

  1. University Test Scores 
  2. Academic Performance 
  3. Extracurricular Activities 
  4. Community services
  5. Internships 

1. University Test Scores

All-Ivy League universities require students to take aptitude tests such as General SAT/ACT, Subject SAT, and Advanced Placement Tests. EduTechEx Global provides a complete training program for SAT/ACT, LSAT, AP’s, and Subject SAT. The classes are conducted by the top faculty of our institution who have more than 15+ years of teaching experience.

Apart from offering training, students will be given access to our versatile tech-enabled assessment platform, EduTechEx Pariksa, through which the student can take and practice innumerable SAT and AP mock tests. The results of the tests are shared with parents and students in real-time.

2. Academic Performance

Academic performance plays an important role while considering the student’s application. It’s important to have either a consistent score of 90% or above or students must have a projected score in this range. EduTechEx Global will help students with their 11th and 12th subject preparations and individual subject tutoring.  This will give a better chance to the students to achieve the required projected score and improve their chance to get a good scholarship from the top universities.

3. Extracurricular Activities 

Beyond the student’s academic performance, the admission committee wants to know more about the student's interest, passion, and the diversity of extracurricular activities. This includes sports, painting, music, cooking and coding, and many more. EduTechEx senior counselors will meticulously work towards improving the extracurricular portfolio of the student. 

4. Community services

Ivy league universities value and encourage students to have some empathy towards society. This is especially an important trait the university would like the student to inculcate at an early age and take part in community service. The goal here is to cultivate the habit of giving back to society in various creative forms. Being an EdTech company, we come up with various innovative ideas to help students to solve problems in their neighborhoods using technology.

5. Internships & summer school admission help

Internships do play an important role in the college application process; this gives insights into student’s keenness to gain some form of work and skill-based expertise in a real-life environment. EduTechEx Global provides complete guidance to the student who is keen to apply for summer programs and internships within the country and abroad.

Besides, apart from the above-mentioned primary focused areas, we help and advise students in the following areas as well.

Search for colleges and universities which can provide complete scholarships and guide students for financial aid. Our holistic career counseling program makes sure that the student’s passion is mapped to the right course at the right ivy league university.

  1.  University application assistance, which includes Admissions strategy/strategic planning, Common Application essay brainstorming & editing, Supplemental essay brainstorming & editing, Extracurricular activities list, Letter of recommendation strategy, Final application review, Interview preparation. We also help students with decision-making support after getting admission into universities. 

The goal of EduTechEx premium services is to make sure that the appropriate training and counseling services are given to the student to make sure that they are admitted into the right Ivy league with the right course selection. Together with your support, our mission to make your child’s dream come true!