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What are Advanced Placement Tests (AP Tests) ?

Advanced Placement or AP tests are college level exams for high school students relevant for admissions in the US, UK and Canada universities, which test the same proficiency the student would have if they have taken a college class in the subject. There are several advantages for students in taking the AP tests.  For example getting good scores in the AP tests will enable students to skip some of the introductory courses in college which not only saves time but also giving the test is also a way to increase ones admission chances into a college. Giving AP tests are a way to earn college credits before starting the college which in some instances could mean a lower tuition fee. Moreover, AP test give students an experience of college level introductory courses when they are still in the high school.

What are the subjects covered in AP tests ?

AP tests cover a wide range of subjects ranging from Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science to Economics and Music theory. There are more than 30 subject options currently in the AP tests. The AP tests are offered on a scale of 1-5. To be considered for credit scores in some of the top colleges in the US and Canada, one should have an AP test score of at least 4.

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Students from which boards can take the advanced placement courses ?

AP tests can be in principle be taken by students from any boards such as CBSE, State Board, IBDP or IGCSE as it gives a chance to earn college credits for high school students. Having said that in the context of Indian education, AP tests can become more relevant for students studying in CBSE and state boards and at times also suitable for IB and IGCSE students if they have not taken the HL and A levels on particular subjects. For more detailed information regarding how taking AP tests can get you unconditional university offers in the US, Canada and UK, please get in touch with us at EduTechEx.

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How students can benefit from taking the AP Tests ?

Many universities in the US, Canada and UK give credit or advanced placement for qualifying AP Exam scores (generally a score of 3 or higher on a scale of 5). For example, if you get a score of 4 on the AP English Language and Composition Exam, then you may be eligible to skip your university’s English Language 101 course. The more classes you can skip with qualifying AP Exam scores, the more money you could save on tuition.