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What is ACT (American College Test) ?

American College Test or commonly known as ACT is the leading standardised US college admission tests used for college admissions in the US. As many colleges require scores from ACT or SAT, therefore ACT scores play an important role during the college application process. The main purpose of ACT is to gauge the high school student readiness for higher education in universities.

What is in the ACT and how is it graded ?

The exam contains four sections they are 

●    English
●    Science 
●    Maths 
●    Reading
●    Writing (Optional) 

This test is a way to check student readiness to go to college. The scores are a combination of
all the four sections which range from 1 to 36 points. Good scores in the ACT will help students
to get scholarships in college and Universities in the US. Usually a score of 
20-24 is the basic requirement for getting admission in colleges and Universities. 
A score 30+ is treated as a very good score which would be competent enough to get admitted
into the top US Universities.  

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ACT or SAT which one is preferable for college admissions ?

Most colleges in the US accept both ACT or SAT, choosing the right exam is crucial for successful admission into a college of your choice and for getting merit based scholarships. As there is a decent overlap between ACT and SAT exams, the best possible way is to take both the exams and earn competitive scores. Having said that, to decide between which exam suits you better depending on your skill set, it’s always advisable to take some practice tests of ACT and SAT and decide which exam fits you better among the two. If you would like to know the in depth differences between the ACT and SAT exams and which one would be a perfect match for you, please get in touch with us.

How EduTechEx will help students achieve a perfect score in ACT ?

EduTechEx has excellent faculty who have several years of experience 
in teaching ACT exam. We design a special plan and teaching strategies 
for students to be successful in the ACT exam. In addition, we conduct 
mock tests which gives students good practice for the exam, which is 
quintessential to achieve high scores in the ACT exam. By performing 
extremely well in the ACT exam, most of our students have secured 
scholarships in top universities in US and UK. To know more about 
the ACT related services, please get in touch with us.


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