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After School Services Offered at Glendale Academy 2020-21

Date and Venue: Jan 25th 2020, Glendale Academy
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Preparing Students To Excel

As part of our endeavours towards helping students attain success, Glendale Academy has joined hands with EduTechExGlobal, an innovative education technology based company to assist students in the context of National & International Education. EduTechEx Global's mission is to provide outstanding training and support services to students and make them realize their educational goals and guide them to their dream institutions in India & worldwide. More details can be found at

As part of this, the following courses will be held in the premises of Glendale Academy. All relevant materials will be provided to students and weekly exams are conducted. The courses will be held from Monday to Friday, 3 pm to 4:30 pm and on Saturday, weekly exams are conducted.