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Who We Are

We are a young team of diversified people who have education close to our hearts and are extremely passionate about global and domestic education. With experience close to a decade in the field of education in India and abroad, we have founded “EduTechEx Global” to prepare your child for education in a global environment and to provide them with a channelized path to enter into Ivy league universities worldwide and in India. EduTechEx is helping each and every student to discover their passionate careers at an early stage and turning them into reality through innovative career counseling and training services, and EdTech products. 

“EduTechEx Global” is an innovative education-based company that focuses on providing offline and online training services for students aspiring to study in reputed universities in India, the US, UK, Europe, China, and elsewhere in the world. We strongly feel that technology can be used to make learning more accessible and to personalize the learner experience for students. The company has been founded to be part of the global education community and caters to a broad spectrum of educational services to students studying within India and abroad. Our founders themselves have been involved in teaching and training students in the UK, the US, and Europe and they are committed to preparing your child for international education.

We hope that by browsing our website, you will get to know many of the diverse spectra of international educational services we offer for your children at various levels. We would be delighted to meet you personally and welcome you to EduTechEx Global in Hyderabad. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.





Aditya holds a master's degree in Physics from the University of Stuttgart, Germany and a master's degree in solid-state physics from Banaras Hindu University, India, and a bachelor's degree in physics from Osmania University at Hyderabad, India. Prior to co-founding EduTechEx, for more than six years, Aditya has been involved in teaching and training IB, Cambridge-IGCSE, CBSE and state board students for international aptitude exams such as SAT, ACT and AP exams in the United States, UK, and Europe and for Indian entrance exams such as IIT, NEET, CLAT, and NATA. His passion for teaching and commitment to help students to realize their career goals were instrumental in creating innovative EdTech platforms within EduTechEx. In addition, Aditya believes in imparting a holistic approach to education to harness the true potential in each child. Aditya's extensive experience and skills beyond education and training is a valuable asset to EduTechEx.




Ram holds a Ph.D. in Quantum Physics from the University of St Andrews in Scotland, UK and the prestigious Max Planck Institute in Germany, and a master’s degree in Condensed Matter Physics from the University of Stuttgart in Germany and a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science from Loyola College. During his doctoral and master's studies in the UK and Germany, Ram was involved in teaching and devising creative methods of learning for students in various public and private schools and took part in many prestigious European science events. An experimental physicist by training, Ram strongly believes that theoretical learning should always be followed by experimental verifications through which innovation is possible. Prior to co-founding EduTechEx, Ram worked as a Research Scientist at the Leiden Institute of Physics in the Netherlands exploring the microscopic aspects of quantum materials known as superconductors using the state of the art scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy using cryogenics at ultra-low temperatures. Within EduTechEx, Ram plays an important role in formulating and implementing new growth strategies for the organization and acts as the Head of Innovative Learning and Technology. Apart from being an entrepreneur and educationist, Ram also actively takes part in communicating science to the public and in organizing various science and technology projects.

Mission and Vision

At EduTechEx, our mission is to provide outstanding training and support services 
to our students and make them realize their educational goals and rightly navigate 
them into their dream institutions worldwide. All our training programs are meticulously 
planned to suit the student needs through our excellent faculty members. EduTechEx is 
ever-evolving in the committed goal to meet the international educational needs of students 
in India and abroad. In addition, our mission is to enrich the experience of learning through 
a balanced use of smart technologies. To this end, we are constantly making efforts to harmonize 
and coexist education with technology, propel innovation and drive research and development 
in the global education industry. We are at EduTechEx, are consciously committed to extracting 
every kernel of potential from each student by focusing on each student at a time. With a Magis-driven leadership, we wish to create the world's most extensive and highest-quality education network. 

 EduTechEx Global's vision is to be an outstanding and global reputable institute for advancing education through the new generation of emerging and smart technologies. We at “EduTechEx Global” strongly believe that the global educational landscape is ever-evolving and make sure that we are constantly updating ourselves of the new trends in global education by attending workshops and conferences worldwide. Either it is IIT-JEE, NEET, SAT General, SAT Subject, ACT, AP Tests or to that matter any service relevant in the context of global education, we have a clearly defined vision to offer high-end innovative services with high quality to all our students.